Our Cashew Kernels are exported in Plastic Pouches. Two of these 5 ply layer pouches are vacuum filled with CO2 and Nitrogen in order to prevent infestation. Two of these pouches, weighing 25lb each are packed into corrugated cardboard cartons, which together constitute a total of 50lb.

Cashew Kernels are also packed in tins of 25 lb. nett and two such tins constitute a carton. After filling the cashew kernels, tins are vacuumized and Co2 Gas is infused into tins to ward off any possible infestation and to retain the freshness of the kernels. 700 to a maximum of 750 cartons can be stuffed in one full container. Similarly there is format involving Two 10 Kg tins in a cardboard carton, for a total 20 kg (Net Weight) 750 such cartons make a Full Container Load. This packing format is only demanded by a few markets like the Middle-east.

The quality of cashew kernels is strictly in accordance with the specifications of the Cashew Export Promotion Council of India (CEPCI), Cochin. We have strict supervision procedures for our Cargo, before filling into the tins and barrier bags and also prior to shipment and as such the goods maintain the American Standard Quality. Our Quality is known in all Cashew Markets